Stark Raven Mad

Ravens appear quite frequently in mythology, from the raven that Noah sent out from the Ark that didn’t bother to come back to Odin’s messengers to a trickster figure from the Pacific Northwest. The fact that they can mimic human speech and are scavengers have resulted in their being linked with magic and death. It turns out that Russia also has a raven deity, who is an important mythological figure but isn’t really worshipped.

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Kutkh, as he is called, is not really the sort to answer prayers, being very self-centered. That said, some of his exploits have ended up being quite beneficial to mankind, as with his chipping away at the rock surrounding the Earth in order to let in the light of the Sun. Known for his virility, he is sometimes credited with inventing sex. In fact, just about everything in creation relates to him in some way, and not always a good one. For instance, some myths say that he urinated the oceans and defecated the land, and another has him and his ursine drinking buddy accidentally making Kamchatka while on a bender. The volcanoes of this area were linked to Kutkh’s nature. I guess when you live in an area like that, your creation stories aren’t going to be as positive as those from some other parts of the world.

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As with a lot of tricksters in mythology, Kutkh sometimes tricks others, but almost as often comes across as the fool.

The similarity between Kutkh and Raven from Native American mythology has led some to posit a certain amount of communication between the cultures. Well, sure, everyone who’s played Risk knows that Kamchatka and Alaska are connected by a dotted line.

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