Portrait of the Autist as a Young Man

In addition to trying to get people’s attention with scantily clad women and comparisons to Nazis, PETA has also tried to link autism to milk. The campaign is apparently from 2008, but has recently resurfaced. Strange, because I’ve been diagnosed as falling on what they call the autistic spectrum, and I’ve never liked cow’s milk. Something about it just tastes weird to me.

Then again, I do love cheese. But really, what is it with all these proposed causes? Why can’t people accept that I was born this way? Well, maybe Lady Gaga does. Seriously, though, I came across a quote from vacuous vaccine vilifier Jenny McCarthy saying, “If you ask a parent of an autistic child if they want the measles or the autism, we will stand in line for the f–king measles.”

Whether there’s also a link between being photographed on the toilet and mental disorders, I couldn’t say.
Really? You’d rather your child have a possibly deadly disease than a mental condition that isn’t even always that serious? I have to say that I feel personally insulted by this. I’ve heard rumors that Bill Gates has Asperger’s Syndrome, and if it’s true maybe his officially declaring it would take off some of the stigma. I don’t know. According to Wikipedia, Albert Einstein was on the spectrum, but I don’t know how true that is. It might well be over-diagnosed, sort of like ADHD was a decade or so ago. I’ve seen mentions of Elliot Rodger, the guy who shot all those people because he hated women, having Asperger’s (although, from what I’ve seen, he was apparently never diagnosed with it); and not surprisingly the public is trying to connect the two. It reminds me of when Debra Lafave claimed she had sex with a student because she was bipolar, as if that explains it all. I don’t know. The strangest thing I’ve noticed in the aftermath of Rodger’s massacre is how many people talk about knowing Men’s Rights Activists, when I wouldn’t have even known that was a thing if not for people criticizing it on the Internet. I know I’m hardly one to comment on giving attention to annoying people with offensive viewpoints, but in this case I really just thought all the talk about MRAs was giving them exactly what they wanted. That’s not to say misogyny isn’t a serious issue that needs to be addressed, just that I think the bigger issue is undercover misogyny rather than the handful of men who actually come out and declare women owe them things for no apparent reason. Of course, there are still the people who want to blame video games.

Apparently Rodger played a lot of World of Warcraft, which I’ll admit I’ve never played, but I kind of doubt it involves shooting women because you can’t get laid. Maybe if he’d been playing Custer’s Revenge, or had gone on a violent rampage against orcs, they’d have more of a case.

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9 Responses to Portrait of the Autist as a Young Man

  1. markrhunter says:

    My wife played a lot of World of Warcraft, and despite how irritating I can be she’s never killed me once. As for me, when I was a kid they called my condition “shy”. Now my grandson acts *exactly* like I did at that age, and the doctors have stamped an alphabet’s soup worth of conditions on him.

    But the important thing to take from this is that I love milk, and PETA hates it! I can’t think of a better excuse to get another container of Nestle’s Quick and some cereal.

    • Nathan says:

      There are certainly advantages to diagnosing mental conditions, as this can help people understand that they’re not alone, and they and others can better learn how to cope with the world. I’m sure plenty of people in the past were dismissed as simply being shy or awkward when it turned out there was something more significant lurking beneath the surface. On the other hand, it sometimes seems that they just lump too many different symptoms together into the same category. People often think of Tourette’s Syndrome as randomly shouting things, but apparently it encompasses all kinds of vocal and physical tics. When it’s that broad, does the diagnosis even really help?

      • markrhunter says:

        The problem is the same in most areas: Extremes. First problems like that weren’t dealt with at all, now people get diagnosed with some “ism” at the drop of a hat, and stuffed full of pills without another thought. As you say, the problems can be very broad, and treating them all the same is probably a big mistake. But that’s what we do, as a race: Go from one extreme to another, ignoring those who beg for moderation. I wonder: If I was a child today, would I have been put on some kind of treatment that gave me a more “normal” personality, but stifled every ounce of creativity? I’d rather my grandkids be considered a little odd, but with full imaginations and eyes wide open.

      • Nathan says:

        I’ve heard the argument about medication stifling creativity, although I sometimes wonder if it’s actually true.

  2. Marie says:

    I never liked milk, either. Avoided it as much as possible. I will sometimes drink it with lots of Nestle Quick in it. But if you get milk near my cereal, I will stab you with a fork. Aaaand then we are back to violence in those on the autistic spectrum.

    • Nathan says:

      The fact that I never liked milk is probably why I never really ate dry cereal either. I would occasionally have some with yogurt, though.

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