The Tip-Top of the Mip-Mop

Hollywood Said No!, by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross with Brian Posehn – Most of the content of this book is made up of two Mr. Show movie scripts that never went anywhere. Bob and David Make a Movie has the same basic structure as a Mr. Show episode, with the main plot segueing into various sketches, including a send-up of jam bands and a bit poking fun at guys who think strippers are actually interested in them. It’s a movie ABOUT making a movie, and doing so in a very absurd manner. Hooray for America!, which was actually written first, satirizes corporate control of politics with a plot in which the Globo-Chem Corporation has David elected president as a convenient dupe to distract from their plan to construct an exclusive new planet by digging the ground out from under much of the world. You may recall that their 2002 tour used this same premise, although they took out a fair amount of the plot to work in both new and classic sketches. Apparently they didn’t want this to be their first movie because it was too inside and relied too much on people knowing who Bob and David were. The actual film they DID make, Run Ronnie Run, turned out to be a flop. Beth actually owns a copy, but we haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Unfortunately, its failure probably means it isn’t at all likely for another Mr. Show movie anytime soon. Anyway, if you like Mr. Show, you’ll probably like the book. The audio book might well be even better, but I can’t say I’ve heard it.

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