Rise of the Machines

Recently, another segment of Bill O’Reilly being a cranky old man came to my attention. Apparently President Obama won the election because of “the machines.” No, not because robots voted for him (I would imagine a lot of robots would have been Romney voters, because of that whole lack of emotion thing), but because the smart phones and the YouTubes present a false image of who he is. How, I’m not entirely sure, because he doesn’t really go into detail. Based on a Google Image Search, I’m going to guess he means stuff like this:

See? None of those is are accurate representations of who Barack Obama is. People thought they were voting for an alien demon who rode a lion, and instead they got a plain old human. Disappointing, to say the least. What really gets me, however, is the whole thing about how the younger generation is narcissistic and addicted to gadgets.

Not only is generalizing about a whole generation really stupid (come on, we’re not ALL refusing to get off O’Reilly’s lawn), but I guess I feel extra insulted by this sort of thing because I’ve never been outgoing. Having access to the Internet hasn’t made me less social. It’s made me much MORE social. Okay, maybe that’s going overboard, but it can be a much less awkward way for someone with social anxiety to communicate.

They were talking about this kind of thing on another Fox News show, and Greg Gutfeld, certainly not someone I generally agree with on anything, said something like, “What if people are shy?” So, yes, even other Fox News hosts recognize that O’Reilly is out of touch. I still don’t understand why so many pundits seem to think some people being solitary is a result of technology, and not something that’s always been the case. Is the fact that there’s a way for such people to get things accomplished without having much face-to-face interaction really such a bad thing? That’s not to say I don’t think there are downsides to constant Internet access, just that giving introverts a chance isn’t one of them. And don’t you love it when someone on television complains that people keep reading articles on their phones and tablets? Do you really need to read one more article about losing ten pounds (goodness knows why that’s the example she chose) when you COULD be watching another segment about how Obama is the Devil and poor people are lazy? The United States used to be a place where people could dream of succeeding no matter what their background! Of course, most of them still didn’t succeed, but the fact that they thought they could stopped them from complaining so much. Can’t we just return to the good old days when people could be screwed over without their realizing it?

I’ve also come across a few references to Dinesh D’Souza and the possibility that he’ll be facing time in prison, and I can’t say I really know much about him, but apparently his whole thing is that Obama is an anti-colonialist and this is somehow bad. Do you really see too many PRO-colonial people around these days? Okay, maybe this guy. I guess we can just chalk that up as another thing people say they hate about Obama that I think is good, like his being a socialist and not believing in American exceptionalism. The sad thing is that I don’t think these things ARE true for Obama, or at least not to the extent I’d like. Not that it really matters,since the Republicans in Congress block whatever he tries to do anyway. Oh, Obama also apparently wants to take down the country from the inside, because…he wanted to be elected president of a place he hated? I guess that’s not totally outside the realm of possibility, but it seems unlikely.

That’s…not really much of a compliment, Dinesh. I guess it’s like declaring yourself the world’s smallest giant.

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