Robes of the Queen

I’m still listening quite a bit to the new Weird Al record, but I did get a few other albums recently, and might as well say something about them.

Jenny Lewis, The Voyager – Not long before this album came out, Beth and I were listening to her perform on a radio show, and Beth thought her music was boring. I guess it’s not anything likely to change how anyone thinks about music, but I really like her voice, and there’s a kind of sweet sadness to her songs that I like. It doesn’t hurt that she’s cute.

There are only ten songs on here, but they’re pretty engaging. The lead single is “Just One of the Guys,” which has a video in which Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart appear.

There’s a lyric in the song about being “another lady without a baby,” and she compared motherhood to a cult a few years ago. Makes sense to me.

Laura Cantrell, Kitty Wells Dresses: Songs of the Queen of Country Music – I’m kind of ashamed I didn’t know about this 2011 release until this year. As the title suggest, it’s a tribute to Kitty Wells, the first female country star, who was known as the Queen of Country Music. I can’t say I’m familiar with her work, but there are some good songs on here, so maybe I should check it out. Laura’s music is definitely educational as far as introducing listeners to her antecedents. Wells actually died in 2012, which means she was still alive when this album came out. Wonder if she ever heard it.

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