The World’s Most Dangerous Frog

Muppets Most Wanted – Beth and I have been watching The Muppet Show recently. She says she doesn’t like it, yet she’ll still watch every episode. She’s like Statler and Waldorf, I guess. No, she says she likes seeing the stars of the seventies, but isn’t into all the puns. I’m not sure why she married me if she doesn’t like puns, but I’ve diagnosed her as someone who is attracted to guys with corny senses of humor even though she doesn’t like the humor itself. Strange how such things work out sometimes. One noticeable thing about the Muppets is how much meta-humor they use; much of the show is about putting on the show. It kind of seems like there are two sorts of Muppet movies, those that are about the Muppets as actors, and ones that are entirely them in character. That said, its never that clear cut, and while this movie involves them going on a world tour and performing their show, there are also plenty of references indicating the characters know they’re in a film. And Sam the Eagle plays a CIA agent instead of being part of the troupe.

Why must films about vaudevillian puppets be so confusing? Since it involves a jewel heist and the framing of a Muppet, and takes place partially in London, it bears some clear similarities to The Great Muppet Caper; but that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of new stuff as well as an obvious respect for the Muppets’ history. It’s kind of an amusing coincidence that we recently watched Ernest Goes to Jail, which also has a notorious criminal switching places with a hapless protagonist who happens to look just like him.

There were some good jokes here about how no one (except Animal and eventually Walter) noticed that Constantine wasn’t Kermit, even though they sounded and acting totally differently. There were some nice cameos, both in terms of Muppets and human celebrities. Rizzo and Robin did a riff on how many Muppets had little or no role in the last movie, and Miss Poogy and the 80s Robot from that film showed up, as did Wayne and Wanda. Ricky Gervais did a good job as Constantine’s sidekick, even though I’ve been kind of annoyed at him lately about how he thinks he can now make fun of fat people because HE lost weight. Fortunately, the movie didn’t have him hassling Miss Piggy about that. Tina Fey appears as a Gulag warden who has a weird crush on Kermit, and according to the IMDB both she and Matt Vogel (the Muppeteer who performed Constantine) worked with dialect coaches. Kind of weird, as I figured they were both just doing comic sorta-Russian accents. I also liked Danny Trejo’s appearance as a prisoner, and of course he really did serve prison time before starting his acting career.

Beth actually pointed out that it was kind of weird how they had Christopher Waltz as the guest star for the Germany show and Salma Hayek in Madrid, but no hint of one in Ireland. As the cast themselves admitted, it wasn’t quite as good as The Muppets, but it was still quite fun and funny.

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  1. samuraifrog says:

    The guest in Ireland was Saoirse Ronan, they just didn’t introduce her for some reason. (She’s on stage doing a ballet with the Mutations.) To date, this stands as the only movie I’ve ever seen with Saoirse Ronan that I’ve actually liked. (Nothing against her, she just has a knack for picking out movies that annoy me, like The Lovely Bones or Atonement or especially Hanna.)

    I liked this one better than The Muppets, but mainly because there were more Muppets in it. They were front and center this time; in The Muppets they were kind of like the Marx Brothers in their MGM films, where they were the zanies weaving in and out of the main plot. I liked the Marx Brothers better in their Paramount films, where they were the main act. So in that respect, this movie just made me happier because it was so Muppet-heavy. I swear I get uncontrollably misty during “We’re Doing a Sequel”…

    By coincidence, Becca and I just watched this last night. Finally was able to get the Blu-Ray.

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