Pray Away the Gay-Bashers

I just came across a link to this article on Facebook today. Seems that, despite Pope Francis’ insistence that he’s in no position to judge homosexuals, some of the cardinals are quite willing to do just that. Cardinal Raymond Burke claims that “homosexual relationships are intrinsically disordered” (and heterosexual relationships aren’t?), and that you shouldn’t expose your children to them. What I wonder is what he’s worried about. Even if you think homosexuality is sinful (because I’m sure fundamentalist Christians pay attention to all the other Iron Age rules in Leviticus), how is a kid seeing a gay couple going to cause the child to sin? Does Burke think just seeing gay people will make you gay, or that this couple is going to be having sex in front of the family? If you don’t worry about heterosexual couples deciding to suddenly start going at it during a family gathering, why would homosexual ones be any different? There’s a constant attempt by homophobes to prove that gay people are more promiscuous, more likely to molest children, and so on. Even though they’re wrong, people will still hold to these stereotypes. I have to suspect that, for some people, there are only two kinds of sexuality, the first being monogamous heterosexuality, and the second everything else. That could be why they think a man who has sex with another man is automatically going get into pedophilia, necrophilia, and bestiality as well, even though I don’t think a dog looks any more like an attractive human man than an attractive human woman. That does remind me, however, of something Beth said was on one of those Jerry Springer “Too Hot for TV” videos, where a man had sex with his horse, but made a big deal of saying he wasn’t gay because it was a mare. As for the promiscuity, I don’t think humanity is really monogamous by nature regardless of sexual orientation, but I also have to wonder how you can put down gays for not being monogamous and then forbid them to marry. Burke also mentioned the “homosexual agenda,” a phrase I’ve never understood. Being gay automatically makes you part of a worldwide conspiracy? Who initiates you into it? What if you’re gay and no one has approached you about the agenda? And can bisexuals get in on it as well? Oh, and what about this recent Chick Tract (no, I have no idea how Jack can possibly still be making these at ninety; I suspect it might all be a syndicate at this point, like how Jim Davis likely hasn’t drawn Garfield in the past twenty years), which suggests that guys become gay because they’re raped by older men. So they make a point of trying to relive the most traumatizing experience of their life? How does that make any sense whatsoever?

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4 Responses to Pray Away the Gay-Bashers

  1. jaredofmo says:

    Is it weird that I read over that Chick tract and just thought, “this whole narrative fell apart…” I’m not shocked by the claims in there.

  2. The other week our gay friend came over with his new boyfriend, and I thought about the people who are all “*GASP* HOW CAN WE EXPLAIN THIS TO THE CHILDREN?!?!” Because my children totally didn’t care. They were just two guys that came over. Oh, and they were also visitors which meant they had to be jumped around and told everything that had ever happened and shown everything in the house. But they had no questions about why they were two guys and not, like, any other combination of people. They just were. NO BIG, PEOPLE.

    • Nathan says:

      Children are often used as an excuse for intolerance, with people apparently not taking into consideration that kids can often be MORE accepting of new ideas than adults who are already set in their ways. It’s like something I remember where Bill O’Reilly said a teacher shouldn’t get a sex change because the students wouldn’t understand. Actually, I would think this would be easier to understand when you weren’t automatically trying to bring sex into it.

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