Hell in Oz

The Evil Emerald Village of Oz, by Ron Baxley Jr. – This follow-up to The Talking City of Oz has some clear similarities to its predecessor, but the story isn’t anywhere near as developed. It concerns the ghost of Mombi creating a town that is more or less Hell within the Winkie Country, and summoning the magically animated beings who are unsatisfied with life in Oz to join her. The Gump’s head, a wheelbarrow, and Div Ining Rod from Baxley’s earlier book all make the journey, only to find that Mombi has no intention of keeping her promises. Another group of Ozites has to rescue them, with help from some fairies and the Cowardly Lion and Hungry Tiger. A new character in the book is Hi Drant, a dog constructed from a fire hydrant who extinguishes fires by…well, you can probably guess, but it’s not something you’d be likely to find in an L. Frank Baum book. The plot is nothing much and the religious overtones a little too heavy-handed at times, but there’s some good wordplay in Baxley’s typical vein. There’s also some back story for Mombi herself, who is said to be afraid of rats and mice because her parents died of the bubonic plague, taught witchcraft by a trio of hags who sound similar to the Wyrd Sisters from Macbeth, and had a lover who was tricked into replacing Charon as a ferryman in the Underworld. It’s quite popular for fans to want to bring Mombi back, be it her painted image in John R. Nell’s Lucky Bucky, David Tai’s tale about how her death was faked in the first place, or Tekrouri Troll’s accidental resurrection of her in Bucketheads.

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