Welcome to the Crossover of Tomorrow!

When I did a post a few days ago on a Disney Afternoon crossover that involved characters who presumably don’t exist in the same continuity, I had forgotten that a Simpsons/Futurama crossover was being aired on Sunday. The Simpsons has done other crossovers with shows in which The Simpsons is fictional, like The Critic and The X-Files. In this case, however, each show is fictional in the other universe, which makes me wonder what someone in Springfield would see if they were to watch a Futurama episode with a Simpsons reference. I understand they did a comic crossover some time ago, using the Brain Spawn as the catalyst. Since we already know they can transport people into works of fiction, it makes sense.

Here, however, it appears that the only thing separating the two shows is time. I’m sure it doesn’t count as part of either show’s continuity, but I still think they should have at least acknowledged the discrepancy. Maybe Professor Farnsworth’s What-If Machine could have shown the Planet Express crew what would happen if The Simpsons were real. The plot involves Bart blowing his nose on a sandwich that he puts into a time capsule, which mixes with radioactive waste from the power plant to form a bunch of destructive creatures. In an additional Matt Groening reference, the monsters start out as Life in Hell rabbits. Bender goes back in time to try to prevent it, and ends up bonding with the Simpson family, particularly Homer. There were some good jokes about how Bender didn’t really seem that advanced, especially considering that Professor Frink featured prominently in the episode, and he’s invented some stuff that easily trumps a lot of thirty-first-century technology.

The character interaction we got was good, but left me wanting more. Maybe they should have made this a double-length episode like the Family Guy crossover. There are also some questions of geography. If the time capsule was buried in Springfield, how did the monsters end up in New New York? Did they spread to there, or was the capsule moved for some reason? Then there’s the bit where the characters walk past Panucci’s Pizza and Seymour while apparently not leaving Springfield. We know from other episodes that Springfield and New York aren’t that close to each other. Also, if the present part of the episode takes place in 2014, wouldn’t Seymour have already been fossilized? (According to Bender’s Big Score, that happened in 2012.)

And if Bender is being kept in the Simpsons’ basement, what happens when the house is demolished and/or gets new owners? I will say that the epilogue with Kang and Kodos visiting Lrrr and Ndnd totally worked. Maybe there needs to be a massive crossover with just cartoon aliens.

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