One Game at a Time

I already reviewed Wreck-It Ralph two years ago when it was new, but I watched it again a few days ago, and have a few additional thoughts on it. First of all, I reported misinformation in the earlier post. Apparently Mario, Luigi, and Dr. Wily not appearing had nothing to do with licensing fees. Rather, the creators just couldn’t figure out how to fit them into the film. The Disney Wiki has a good list of video game characters who appear or are mentioned in the movie, which is handy as I missed some of them, and others were just from games with which I wasn’t familiar. The way it’s explained in the movie, the characters from the arcade are confined to their machines while people are playing them, but can move freely between them at other times. Game Central Station, located in the power strip, is the nexus between worlds.

Characters from games that are no longer active can apparently still exist there as well, as shown with Q*bert and Turbo. People have wondered how a Dungeons & Dragons Beholder got in there, since they aren’t in any arcade games. Why WOULD an arcade have a role-playing game, after all? Apparently, while based on the Beholder, the monster’s official name in the film is “Cycloptopus.”

The Satan character who prefers to be called “Satine” might be from a 1982 game called Satan’s Hollow.

It’s a lot like Galaga, mostly being an upward scroller where you shoot gargoyles; but you have to face off against the Devil himself on a few occasions.

Satan is also the main villain in Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, and I’ve seen Diablo cited as another possibility.

Bowser is presumably from the arcade version of the orginal Super Mario Bros., although he could also be from the arcade Mario Kart.

Pac-Man is also in that one, so if Litwak’s Arcade DOES have that, could there be two Pac-Men at once? For that matter, do the characters follow the continuity of games that aren’t in the arcade? Does Bowser have to take care of his kids, or is he spared that because they don’t appear in any arcade games (as far as I know)? The made-up game Fatal Assault features the dinosaur and octopus from Meet the Robinsons.

We can also see Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles machines, but no characters from them show up. Oh, by the way, isn’t Vanellope technically a Disney Princess? Maybe she and Eilonwy can hang out and complain about not getting invited to the gatherings.

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