The Shadow Falls

The Magic Chest of Oz, by Donald Abbott – Published in 1993, this is another one of Abbott’s tales of Oz during the Scarecrow’s reign in the Emerald City, and has him again adventuring with the Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion. Interestingly, the Lion seems to retain his characterization from the end of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, when he no longer felt afraid. By the time he reappears in Ozma of Oz he’s back to his old fearful self. The plot involves two Munchkin farmers accidentally freeing the shadow of the Wicked Witch of East. Books of Wonder also published The Nome King’s Shadow in Oz around this time, so apparently villainous shadows were in vogue then. The shadow, called Malvonia, teams up with a nasty imp and the Hammer-Heads in conquering the city. As with Abbott’s other Oz books, it’s a fairly thin plot, but brings in several elements from L. Frank Baum’s work. Two minor characters are based on Sir Dashemoff Daily and Cynthia Cynch from Baum’s stage play, but for some reason the former is called Sir Dashabout and the latter is only referred to by her first name. Were there still copyright issues back then? Sir Wiley Gyle and Brigadier-General Riskitt appear under their actual names from the play in other books by Abbott.

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