Crystal Clear

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals – This 1994 anime is a sequel to Final Fantasy V, a game I’ve played most of the way through, but I still haven’t beaten Neo Exdeath. I believe the English version came out in the same year the first official English translation of the game was released for the PlayStation, although the one I watched was in Japanese with English subtitles.

I don’t know any Japanese, but boy, did those characters ever have high-pitched screams. Set 200 years after the end of the game, its two main characters are Linaly, a descendant of Bartz Klauser; and her friend Pretz. When they enter the cave containing the Wind Crystal, it enters Linaly’s body and makes her butt glow. There’s a lot of weird stuff like that in this feature. The characters soon run afoul of a band of female air pirates led by a scantily clad woman named Rouge. The other members are all large, muscular women.

Valkus, commander of the Iron Wing airships of Tycoon, initially suspects Linaly and Pretz of stealing the crystal, but he later becomes an ally and falls in love with Rouge. It turns out that the other crystals have been stolen by an evil wizard who lives on the Black Moon surrounded by robots, staying alive with the aid of machines. The villain has also captured the brain of Cid Previa, his grandson Mid dying while watching this happen and coming back as a ghost to assist Linaly and Pretz.

The main characters travel to Tycoon, where Queen Lenna, a descendant of Lenna from the game, tells them to seek assistance from the kingdom’s guardian dragon. While I don’t recall anything unusual about the architecture of Tycoon in the game, here it’s all domes and minarets, although the dragon’s tower looks more East Asian. Linaly is kidnapped and taken to the Black Moon, where the villain harnesses the power of all four crystals to turn himself into the dark god Deathgyunos.

The others give chase with the help of the dragon, who is normally tiny but can grow to gigantic size when needed. Linaly and Pretz take down Deathgyunos, perhaps a little too easily considering that he’s supposed to have the powers of a god; and everyone returns home except from Valkus, who joins Rouge.

The picture didn’t really have the epic feel of a Final Fantasy game, but there were several familiar elements that were nice to see, including the crystals, a few Chocobos (although for some reason they looked like plucked chickens as they did in the early games, even though they had feathers in FFV), and a villain who obtained incredible power yet could still be killed if hacked and slashed enough times.

The world shows signs of having developed technologically since the time of the game, as airships are more common and Pretz has a motorcycle. There are descendants of Bartz and Lenna as main characters, but while this would require them both to have had children, we never find out who their partners were. Rouge might not be a physical descendant of Faris, but she’s definitely a spiritual one. One thing I found worthy of notice was a fair amount of dirty humor, not just Linaly’s glowing rear end, but also Rouge making a comment to the effect that she’s wasn’t used to exploring girls’ bodies (when she learns that the Crystal of Wind is inside of Linaly) and the pirates’ alarm bell being in the form of breasts on a statue.

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