Ram On

So Dear to My Heart – While I don’t think I’d even heard of this 1949 movie before Beth brought it to my attention, it was one of the earliest Disney films to incorporate animation into a mostly live action production. The infamous Song of the South predates it, and some lists also mention The Reluctant Dragon and Victory Through Air Power. It’s about a farm boy’s love for a rambunctious black lamb.

It mentions how black sheep were considered unlucky and unwanted, which I never totally understood. Was there really no call for black wool? Even for socks? The boy lives with his grandmother, who is seemingly strict and conservatively religious but usually caves when she thinks something will make her grandson happy. Burl Ives has a significant role as young Jeremiah Kincaid’s uncle, who is presumably not the grandmother’s son as he has a different last name. I was also never totally sure whether Luana Patten’s character was a relative or just a friend.

Jeremiah gets the idea of entering the lamb, whom he names Danny after champion race horse Dan Patch, in the county fair. The animated segments come into play when Jeremiah is pasting pictures in his scrapbook and looking at his collection of cards with homespun proverbs. There’s a cartoon version of Danny and of the owl featured on the cards, but the owl talks and the lamb doesn’t.

Jeremiah and his family finally go to the fair, and he wins a special ribbon for merit, otherwise known as “we’re going to look like jerks if we don’t give the kid something.” It’s a rather low-key and kind of slow movie, but it’s cute.

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