An Auspicious Night for Stars

NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe, by Terence Dickinson – Stargazing is always something I thought I should get into, but never really did. I developed some interest in it around the same time I started reading Greek mythology, as a lot of the myths involve constellations. More recently, I’ve been using the Google Star Map application on my phone on occasion, although as of late it’s been having problems orienting itself. I guess it isn’t the best time to get into astronomy when I’ve just moved to Brooklyn, but I had the book sitting on my shelf, so I figured I might as well read it. A lot of it was how-to stuff that you can’t really try out without the proper equipment, but there was plenty of useful advice on purchasing telescopes and photographing celestial bodies. There were many appealing pictures as well, and many things to look out for. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to put some of these things to use eventually.

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