We Live in the City of Dreams

The Hidden History of Oz, Book Two: Crown of the Dreamer, by Tarl Telford – The second volume in this series continues the tale of how the Wizard had the Emerald City built and established his power in Oz. Glinda is still holding a torch for him, but with the Wicked Witch of the East in disguise manipulating him, she starts to distrust the Wizard. While ostensibly a humbug, Oscar Diggs does have some genuine power because he’s able to dream, while most native Ozites can’t due to the departure of the Queen of Dreams. He dreams up objects, ideas, and even living things that others can make real. The Emerald City changes constantly with his dreams. Dr. Nikidik and the Guardian of the Gates are introduced, Mombi continues to influence Pastoria, and the Kalidahs receive an origin story. While perhaps not totally in line with what we know of the Wizard’s ascension from the original Oz books, there are a lot of clever references, some blatant and others subtle. These include a few mentions of Chumpocles, one of the philosophers from an early draft the Wizard of Oz stage play. I’d recommend this to Oz fans who don’t mind a somewhat different take on the history of that fairyland.

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