The Ring Recycled

Expecting Someone Taller, by Tom Holt – Holt has written many books of weird fantasy, science fiction, and satire; but his main thing is bringing a fictional world into the modern one. This was actually his first comic fantasy, based on Wagner’s Ring Cycle. When a kindly but timid man named Malcolm Fisher accidentally hits a badger with his car, he’s surprised to find that the animal is actually the giant Ingolf in disguise, and he is now the owner of the magical Tarnhelm and the Ring of the Nibelungs. This officially makes him master of the world, although his effect on things is often based more on his mood and intentions than his direct actions. The resemblance to the FISHER King might well have been intended, but it’s Germanic mythology that takes center stage here, as Wotan, Alberich, and the Rhinemaidens are all seeking the Ring. There are some amusing episodes with Wotan dealing with his Valkyrie daughters, and some interesting reveals. Holt also humorously fills in some of the gaps in the original story, like why getting the goddess Freia would have been written into the giants’ contract when they built Valhalla. Turns out it was a handwriting mistake on the part of Loki, here known by his German name of Loge. I found it a quite enjoyable read.

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