Goldeneh Moments from Broadway

There Is Nothing Like a Lox: The Lost Song Parodies of Allan Sherman – While Sherman used many different sorts of humor in his songs, he is particularly known for Jewish-themed parodies. While some of the stereotypes are still current, and his exaggerated accent is always amusing, some of them are ones I either hadn’t heard of or that I don’t think are really the case anymore. Are mink stoles and wall-to-wall carpeting known as particularly Jewish status symbols these days? As his stage patter indicates, a lot of songs from Broadway shows at the time were written by Jews, but they never dealt with Jewish concerns or were sung by Jewish characters, so Sherman sought to remedy this with his parodies. I believe most of the songs on here are from the 1950s, before he’d released any albums. He turns “Moon River” and “There Is Nothing Like a Dame” from South Pacific into songs about kosher food, and rewrites “Younger Than Springtime” to play on all the Jewish names ending in “stein.” The main joke in “When You Walk Through the Bronx,” a parody of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Carousel, would be reused in Sherman’s later short spoof of “Give My Regards to Broadway.” And “How Deep Is a Birdbath” changes an Irving Berlin to love song to one about someone in a bad relationship. While not Sherman’s most accessible songs, these are funny, and can teach gentiles like me a thing or two.

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