Kids in the Town Hall

Beth and I saw the Kids in the Hall at Town Hall in Manhattan tonight, and Bruce McCulloch do a reading from his new book at the UCB Theatre last night. The weird thing is that I hadn’t even heard of KITH until I was in college, but when I first got into They Might Be Giants, it seemed like everyone on the Internet who was a fan of one also liked the other. They did play a little bit of “Spiraling Shape” in Brain Candy, but I’m not sure whether that’s the reason there was so much overlap. That said, Bruce actually called them “There Might Be Giants” at the show last night. I think it might be Kevin McDonald who’s the main TMBG fan in that group. Anyway, Beth has the DVDs of their show and we’ve watched a lot of them together, so I consider myself a fan now. They did a lot of the same sketches that they did in their next-to-last tour (the hateful baby and Super Drunk, for instance), and a few others that I knew from TV, but there was some new stuff as well. The one that particularly stood out for me was about a restaurant staff being incredibly disturbed because a customer calls a tart a pie. Anyway, here’s a picture of Beth with Bruce for which I didn’t turn on the flash on her phone.

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