If I’m Not Real, Then Who’s Been Dreaming Me?

The Corner Laughers, Matilda Effect – Reviewing albums by people you know, even just online, can be a bit awkward sometimes. This band was started by my LiveJournal and Facebook friends Karla Kane and Angela Silletto (now Rhoades), although Angela doesn’t appear on this record. You can read my thoughts on their previous release, Poppy Seeds, in this post. The thing is, I’d probably like a band that played catchy, somewhat twee pop music with lyrics referencing Lewis Carroll and fairy tales anyway. References to history and literature are quite common here, with “Fairytale Tourist” mentioning Caesar and Cleopatra, “The Girl, America” Jorge Luis Borges (well, maybe; at least I HOPE it’s a Borges reference), “Queen of the Meadow” astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, and “Martha (Cincinnati 1914)” the world’s last passenger pigeon. The latter song, written by bass player and Karla’s husband Khoi Huynh, has a fun, old-fashioned tune accompanying rather sad lyrics. Karla plays the ukulele, which as I’ve mentioned before seems to be the instrument of choice for female musicians these days, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The title refers to the tendency of women’s contributions to the sciences to get overlooked, which was actually named after L. Frank Baum’s mother-in-law, and “Queen of the Meadow” relates to this theme. Overall, it’s a lush, rather dreamlike record with bits that are difficult to get out of your head.

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