Invasion of the Body Splitters

One specific kind of aswang is the manananggal, a name that looks like a bunch of extra letters were added to it. More similar to the traditional vampire but with a twist, they’re usually female and can separate their upper and lower bodies.

They then fly around with bat wings seeking food, usually human hearts and blood.

They are sometimes said to make a tik-tik sound while flying, but somehow it gets quieter as the creature draws nearer. Manananggals are also sometimes said to be able to cause hurricanes by whipping their hair around. Sprinkling salt or garlic on the separated lower body prevents them from being able to reassemble, hence killing them.

Source: Comics-Mix
Whips made from stingray tails are also said to be particularly effective against them. There’s also an even stranger legend that they carry black chickens in their mouths, and eating them can turn other women into manananggals. Someone can also become one if they eat something laced with the blood or saliva of a manananggal.

During the day, they live in human form, and are often said to be rather attractive women. I’ve seen some images that keep the monstrous form pretty, but most of the time it looks like they’re depicted as horrific in appearance. Mind you, I think a flying upper body with bat wings and intestines hanging out would be pretty terrifying even if it’s a good-looking upper body.

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