It’s All About Hate

I wasn’t really planning to talk about the South Carolina shooting, because how much else can I really say about it? Obviously I think it was a terrible tragedy. What I was thinking about earlier today, however, was how State Representative J. Todd Rutherford called out Fox News for spreading racial hatred.

Obviously Fox didn’t take too well to this, as they’re a bunch of crybabies. I mean, really, they’re pretty much the epitome of being able to dish it out but not take it. I remember a few years ago when they complained that someone jokingly referred to Fox as “fake news.” My wife, who sometimes hate-watches Fox News, put it on last night and everyone was being super-defensive of their own network. At other times, I’ve heard them talk about how great the network is on its actual shows. Why do you need to promote yourselves so heavily when the person hearing it is obviously already watching? That kind of smugness has to be a sign of incredible insecurity. Also, Megyn Kelly made a point of how she wasn’t going to show the killer or say his name, and then she was immediately followed by Sean Hannity doing both of those things. I guess that’s mostly just really bad editing, though. My bigger point is that I recently wrote about how I don’t think video games cause violence, so it’s really not fair to say Fox News does either, right? Well, sure, I don’t think this guy watched Hannity and immediately went out to shoot up a church. I don’t even know that he watched Fox News at all. But what Rutherford actually said was that Fox News is part of a general cultural trend of hate speech, which it totally is. It’s not blaming them directly, but pointing out their contribution to a societal problem. Also, it may perhaps be worth noting that the idea of separating reality from fiction might not apply, since Fox is always claiming that what they say is true. While everything should be taken with a grain of salt, I would say a news network has a little more responsibility in this respect than a game. Not surprisingly, Fox has since been trying to claim that the shooting might not have been about race when the killer flat-out SAID it was. Fox and Friends dredged up one of their black commentators who doesn’t believe in racism, and he said the solution was to give guns to pastors.

Yeah, I’m sure everyone wants to attend a church where the preacher could potentially shoot you to death. I do have to wonder how people can keep their faith when God obviously isn’t protecting the churches, but that has no bearing on how to deal with situations like this. Sadly, Jon Stewart was probably right that we, as a country, aren’t going to do anything.

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