Look What You’ve Done, You Juggalo

Insane Clown Posse: A Family Underground – This documentary was filmed at the 2008 Gathering of the Juggalos, a few years before the ICP briefly returned to the public consciousness with their song about how science ruins everybody’s fun. Their music has been labeled “horrorcore,” and it’s basically rap about extreme violence. From what I’ve heard, I understand the creepy clown gimmick started when they had to change their name from Inner City Posse, but wanted to keep the same initials.

The fans who attend this event tend to be drugged-up fat white guys with dreadlocks, and I point out that they’re fat not to shame them for this, but simply as an observation.

One of the few black audience members they showed, if not the only one, was locked in a cage because he was suspected of stealing beer. It’s possible he actually did, but I’m still not that comfortable with Juggalos taking the law into their own hands. A fair number of the performers were black, including Ice-T, Three 6 Mafia, Afroman, and 2 Live Crew. It was amusing to watch the segments with Ice-T, because he tried to be positive, yet couldn’t help coming across as really confused.

The film overall appears to have been made with a positive slant, like these people were kindly misfits who had found each other, yet still couldn’t help but make the whole thing look very unappealing. I mean, footage of Woodstock always looked filthy and uncomfortable, but I don’t think that was intentional, while it totally was at the Gathering. There was also a lot of violence, including people hitting each other over the head with signs. To be fair, I’m sure everyone who was hit with a sign volunteered for it. What was more disturbing was the habit the Juggalos had of throwing things at the stage. Afroman semi-jokingly said at one point that, if he played the event again, he’d do so in a helmet and pads. I believe it was two years later that Tila Tequila was mercilessly pelted with various objects, possibly including human feces. Now, I have no fondness for Tila Tequila (I’m not sure anybody does), but she’s still a human being who deserves not to be assaulted. The Juggalos make a big deal about being a family, but is that how said family treats their guests? Well, some families do, but I’m not sure anyone would volunteer to become part of one of those. Not to mention that I’m sure Tila was not the only one hit; there was bound to be some collateral damage. I feel bad for anyone who genuinely likes the ICP’s music but wants to see a concert without the possibility of serious injury, assuming there is anyone in that category. Also worth mentioning are the guys who said that some people might be Juggalos and not even realize it yet, presumably unwittingly channeling Bruce McCulloch.

Someone who was basically the archetypal Obnoxious Drunk Chick said she wanted to rape Shaggy 2 Dope. Did she totally rule out the possibility of consensual sex with him? Shaggy does not strike me as a picky man. If you read the AV Club article I linked to earlier in the post, he’s the one who said he wanted to have sex with Tila Tequila.

Before I close out this post, I have to point out that the Gathering must be like Christmas for Faygo Beverages, and share a 2011 video where Mo Rocca tries to convince the ICP that their makeup is cute.

I think maybe they COULD be kind of cute and funny if it weren’t for their attitudes. Why do macho posturing and willful ignorance so often go hand in hand?

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