It’s Time for This Here Wiz to Wiz on Himself

I heard from another Oz fan that there was a free review of music and dance from The Wiz in Central Park on Wednesday. I’m not really that familiar with The Wiz, but hey, it was free and Oz-related. I did see the film version a few years ago, but the stage play was closer to the original story of The Wizard of Oz, without the adult Dorothy or the New York City landmarks. This was a fortieth anniversary celebration, and several people involved with the original production were in attendance. Choreographer George Faison and Phylicia Rashad, who played a Munchkin on stage, hosted the event.

(By the way, the last thing I heard from Rashad was that she thought the accusations against Bill Cosby were part of a conspiracy, but that’s not related to this.) Andre De Shields returned as the Wiz, and Dee Dee Bridgewater as Glinda. Ebony Jo Ann, who played Addaperle, had done the role on Broadway before, albeit not in the very first run. While Darlesia Cearcy played Dorothy throughout most of the show, Inaya Day took her place for a few songs. What’s even more impressive was how many of the original dancers appeared, still able to do those same moves forty years later. The performance was well attended, and the audience seemed really excited about it. We had to sit on the ground, which wasn’t particularly comfortable, but once the show got going it became much easier to ignore the discomfort. The songs are quite enjoyable and catchy.

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