Tonight I Am Going to Suck…Your Blood

I’d caught up on most of Christopher Moore’s back catalog except for his trilogy of vampire books: Bloodsucking Fiends, You Suck, and Bite Me, each subtitled A Love Story. I’m really not a big fan of vampire fiction, although that’s not to say I’ve never enjoyed any of it. I do appreciate how Moore writes these stories based around two young vampires just trying to live their lives in San Francisco. When Jody is turned into a vampire by the ancient Elijah Ben Sapir, she hooks up with an aspiring writer from Indiana named Thomas Flood, who is working as a night supervisor at a local grocery store. With some help from the night stockers at the store, Tommy manages to capture Elijah and have some artists encase him in bronze, but he won’t stay there long. Jody turns Tommy into a vampire at the end of the first book, and several other characters temporarily become creatures of the night as well, including some of the stockers, a hooker they pick up in Las Vegas, and an enormous cat who belonged to a homeless guy. You Suck also has Tommy and Jody find a minion, a perky goth girl named Allison Green, who prefers to be called Abby Normal. Several of the chapters are written as entries in her diary, and she might actually be the best-written character, being a rather annoying and self-absorbed teenager who still comes off as sympathetic. She’s also friends with Lily, Charlie Asher’s employee from A Dirty Job. In fact, there’s a fair amount of overlap between these books, including Emperor Norton appearing as a character. His appearance in a modern setting is an anachronism (the actual Norton died in 1880), but it works.

Kona, the white Hawaiian Rastafarian originally from New Jersey who had previously appeared in Fluke, shows up in Bite Me as the pilot of a ship of vampires. One of them is named Bella, a likely nod to that OTHER vampire series. They’re pretty good stories, but I kind of wonder why Moore devoted three books when most of the plot points could probably have been covered in one. Moore’s most recent book is Secondhand Souls, the sequel to A Dirty Job, and I have the digital edition on hold from the library.

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