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And Sometimes Why

They Might Be Giants, Why? – This is the band’s fifth children’s album, intended as a follow-up to their first of that sort, 2002’s No! The other three, produced by Disney, were topic-specific and intended primarily for young children. This … Continue reading

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Bible Buffet

I have somewhat mixed feelings on the idea what might be considered salad bar religions, where adherents take a bit of this and that and mix them to taste. Neo-pagan religions are probably the best example, but they’re certainly not … Continue reading

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I’ll Bossanova with Ya

Pixies, Bossanova – This is my favorite Pixies album, which I know isn’t a very common opinion. Well, at least it isn’t from the music critics, who prefer the more raw, proto-grunge sound of the earlier records. While there’s some … Continue reading

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I Left My Soul in San Francisco

Weird Al: The Book, by Nathan Rabin with Al Yankovic – Weird Al has been highly influential on my tastes in both music and humor, so it’s a shame there hadn’t been a book about him. Well, actually, there was … Continue reading

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Dinner and Movies

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – While I’ve seen the Christmas and Halloween Peanuts specials at least fairly recently, it had been a while since I watched the Thanksgiving one. I guess you could say this one isn’t QUITE as cynical, … Continue reading

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Droids and Ducks

The Automatic Detective, by A. Lee Martinez – It seems like every comedy author eventually takes on the noir private detective genre. Martinez, author of fantastic humor novels, sets his tale in Empire City, a retro-futuristic urban center full of … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Who’s Who

As anyone who has read Jack Snow’s Who’s Who in Oz knows, it is an invaluable reference work for fans of the Oz series. On the other hand, they probably also know that contains many errors, some very minor, and … Continue reading

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Whores in My Head

Pixies, Doolittle – I think this might be the band’s most popular album, and it was certainly the first one I heard. It’s not my personal favorite, but it’s quite solid. I remember reading that the working title was Whore, … Continue reading

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A Long Walk Off a Short Pyramid

Dr. Ben Carson has been the subject of much mockery for a lot of reasons, but one of the most prominent is that he thought Joseph built the pyramids to store grain. Apparently he didn’t even make this up; it’s … Continue reading

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Show Me the Way

When I was in the sixth grade, I received Greg Bear’s Eternity as part of a gift exchange. I read part of it, but for some reason I never finished. It was actually the sequel to another book called Eon, … Continue reading

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