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I stopped by Books of Wonder last week, and I’m kind of disappointed that I can no longer find Oz material there that I haven’t yet read, aside from a few things that don’t interest me. Have I exhausted the store of published Oz material? Well, not entirely, as there are a few out-of-print books that interest me, the main one being Marin Elizabeth Xiques’ The Silver Shoes of Oz. I also occasionally see tantalizing mentions of books that were allegedly at least partially written but that still haven’t surfaced, like Jack Snow’s Over the Rainbow to Oz and His Highness, Prince Ozmus of Oz. A few others are listed here. There are also manuscripts that I recall having seen at conventions, where I generally didn’t have the time or patience to just sit down and read them all the way through. I remember Henry Blossom, author of The Blue Emperor of Oz, did one called Peter Brown. I think it might have been around 1998 that I saw it, and I know it featured Kadj the Conjurer and Cinderbutton the Witch from Pirates, as well as Button-Bright and his Magic Umbrella. For that matter, there was a story I wrote about an attempt by some overzealous knights to slay the Original Dragon, featuring Woot the Wanderer and my original character Sir Up. I wrote it all in one night and submitted it at the Munchkin Convention, but as far as I know it’s disappeared. There are organizations that are still publishing new Oz material, but since these are usually one-person operations and sales tend to be limited, they don’t really have the resources to release things on a regular basis. Also, it’s not always clear whether books they list as forthcoming have even been completed yet. I wish Books of Wonder still had their Emerald City Press imprint, but I suppose it wasn’t cost-effective. Too bad these books don’t grow on trees like they do in parts of Oz itself, although at least some of those books go bad after they’ve been read once.

There is some Oz fanfic on the Internet, but stuff that’s consistent with the main series tends to be mixed in with parodies, retellings, and stuff based on Wicked and Tin Man. Also annoying is that so many of them are just beginnings. On a recent search, I found this, a promising first two chapters involving Trot and Cap’n Bill planning to make a journey to an Arctic fairyland, and one of Glinda’s servants trying to thwart them. I don’t even see an author identified for that one. Mira of Oz is a work-in-progress that I found several years ago, and there hasn’t been any progress made since then. So far, it’s about how the spirit of a magic mirror in Gayelette’s palace is captured by a sorceress who collects magical beings, and how she plans to infiltrate the Emerald City.

Here are a few that are actually complete, at least in draft form. “Faces of Oz” tells the same story in a few different ways. The ruler of a small Ozian community based on Mr. Potato Head has been using illegal magic to grow singing plants, and he’s found out by different members of Ozma’s court. “The Prosecutor” looks at Eureka’s trial in Dorothy and the Wizard from the Wogglebug‘s point of view, providing sympathy for the character while still keeping him pompous. His rudeness toward the Wizard of Oz in that book makes sense when you consider that he was present when Mombi revealed that the Wizard was the one who brought her the baby Ozma. “The Princess of Ev” provides an explanation for Princess Langwidere’s collection of heads. “The Proud Witch of Oz” is the story of a girl from Texas who is accidentally transported to Oz by a rabbit witch, and ends up saving Bunnybury from a scheming chamberlain. The eleventh chapter won’t load properly for me, but the story makes sense without it. One nitpick I have with it is that it has Dorothy visit Bunnybury and meet its king right after the events of Road, when she’s never heard of them in Emerald City. And Mycroft Mason’s “Four Views of General Jinjur” adds some details to what we know about the revolutionary leader.

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3 Responses to Fanfiction from Fairyland

  1. I’ll definitely have some new stories for you in the near future, as well as some possible “lost” ones by the Spring!

    Incidentally, the current list of “lost” stories should be noted as being here: (though I’m surprised the old link still works).

    I’ve eliminated Michael Hearn’s from that list, as he’s assured me his story was something he wrote as a little boy and shouldn’t have been read by anyone but his parents. I wholeheartedly concur.

    “Faces of Oz” is new to me, so I’ll look forward to reading that. But stay tuned, as I’ve got a wealth of good stuff coming in the months ahead!

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