I Left My Soul in San Francisco

Weird Al: The Book, by Nathan Rabin with Al Yankovic – Weird Al has been highly influential on my tastes in both music and humor, so it’s a shame there hadn’t been a book about him. Well, actually, there was one thirty years ago, but it went out of print very quickly. If you’re hoping for an in-depth biography, whether serious or jokey, that’s still yet to come. The information here was largely pretty basic stuff I’d already been on the Internet. It was still an enjoyable read, however, and was accompanied with a lot of pictures and many comedic lists and asides by Al himself.

Secondhand Souls, by Christopher Moore – Moore’s latest book is a sequel to A Dirty Job, featuring the same main characters. While Charlie Asher’s friends and family are working to find a new human body for his soul, Minty Fresh’s cousin Lemon is trying to take control of death, also bringing back the Morrigan. Charlie’s daughter Sophie seems to have lost her powers, and her hellhounds have run away. And a painter on the Golden Gate Bridge has been approached by multiple ghosts of people who died there. In addition to the Buddhist and Celtic mythological references from the previous book, Anubis and Set from Egypt play significant roles. I found it to be an enjoyable read.

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