President Kill Wants Killing Again

The Republican debate was, what, the twentieth this year or something? And why are they still doing the kids’ table debates? I like to use Twitter during the debates because it makes me feel like I’m part of something, a bunch of people coming together to mock and be terrified by these candidates. Beth thinks I overdo it with the tweeting, and she might be right, but how often do I get to live-tweet anything? The main themes this time were that President Obama hates his own country, and the military isn’t big enough.

Look, I get that this is the opposing party, so they’re not going to like the current president, and are going to want to do things differently from the way he does. But can’t they say that without pretending that he’s seeking to bring down the nation from within?

Not only is it obviously not true, but even if it were, how would he be able to implement his America-hating agenda with the Republicans blocking everything he tries to do? Obama, you have to make up some nonsense about weapons of mass destruction and axes of evil to get the opposing side to agree to anything. Didn’t you learn ANYTHING from the previous president? Mind you, it’s kind of bizarre to have people arguing that we should intervene militarily everywhere EXCEPT Libya, where Obama actually did. And is it really fair to say Obama doesn’t favor American greatness, then have slogans like “Make America Great Again”? Which is it?

They hate the guy so much that even when he favors warfare, he’s wrong. Then there’s all the criticism of the deal with Iran, because…I’m not totally sure why. Yeah, they might not stick to what they agreed, but at least now we have some leverage, right? Seems to me it would work a lot better if there ever IS a direct conflict to say, “Hey, Iran, you broke our deal” than the previous approach of “You can’t have nuclear weapons, even though we have a whole lot of them.” Then there are constant failed attempts to overturn Obamacare, pointlessly repeated over and over like some cartoon villain trying to conquer the world.

The Affordable Care Act has its problems, but why not try to fix them instead of overhauling the whole thing? I’m surprised none of the Republican candidates have yet said, “If I’m elected, I’m going eight years back in time and preventing the Obama administration from ever having happened!”

About the only particularly memorable part of the junior debate was Mike Huckabee complaining how people want, as he puts it, “free stuff” from the government. Never mind that these are usually pretty basic things like health care and education, not, “Hey, government, give me a free Wii U!” Why SHOULDN’T we be entitled to certain things? The way the Republicans put it, and I had an exchange with a troll on Twitter along these lines, we apparently shouldn’t be guaranteed such things, but neither should we have any help in getting jobs and making money to buy them ourselves. So what should people do who can’t find jobs do? According to Huckabee, they should join the military and EARN health care at crappy veterans’ hospitals. He was never in the military, was he? I guess that only applies to poor people. The thing is, I think there might be something to mandatory service to the country, but I don’t think it should have to be in the military. Besides, why are these people still thinking the way to win an armed conflict is to throw more human targets at the enemy? Isn’t that a bit outdated at this point? And haven’t we learned that killing people rarely works as a long-term solution? Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where it’s feasible to eliminate war altogether, but I do feel we should stop using it as our go-to response to anything bad going on in the world.

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  1. Thankfully I had to work during the latest Republican hatefest.

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