Black and White Movies

I’m sure you’re all aware of the backlash that resulted when all the actors nominated for Academy Awards were white.

Some people have proposed a boycott, although I’m not totally sure what that entails. Spike Lee, who commented on the issue, didn’t actually say he was boycotting, just that he and his wife wouldn’t be attending. And it’s not like refusing to show up would hurt the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (where does the science come in, anyway?), as far as I can tell. I don’t necessarily think there was any malicious intent in the nominations, but it hints at a larger systemic problem. Of course, whenever someone points out racism, you get people being offended, even if they had absolutely nothing to do with the nominations in the first place. One nominee, Charlotte Rampling, said the boycott was “racist against whites,” which is ridiculous considering the history of race relations. I hadn’t heard of Rampling before this, and she’s apparently an old British lady, so maybe that has something to do with it. Still, shouldn’t someone have advised her that it a comment like that wasn’t going to come across very well, except possibly on Fox News? Which is kind of funny considering how the right-wing media are always complaining about Hollywood’s liberal values. Not that I buy their complaints about actors getting involved in politics anyway when they’re the ones who brought us Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But then, maybe it follows that the party that nominates actors would care about what the entertainment community has to say. They’re also people who put on a tough attitude, but then won’t shut up about it when Jennifer Lawrence bad-mouths them. Why does her opinion matter to you one way or the other? I’ve seen a few comments on social media about how the nominations aren’t about race, but about talent. While I’m sure most of the nominees ARE talented, that’s a subjective matter by its very nature. It’s really a popularity contest, so they’re basically saying only white people are popular. And why do these people feel the need to defend the Academy or fear a boycott? How do these things affect them? Granted, it doesn’t affect me either, and I’m still writing about it. But to me, the important thing isn’t the Oscars themselves; that’s a rather minor matter in the grand scheme of things, and I usually don’t pay attention to them anyway. It’s that nobody can point out what they see as bias without someone trying to shut them up. You can disagree with them, but they should still be allowed to make their case, shouldn’t they? And when you start saying things about anti-white racism, I’m definitely not going to be sympathetic to your argument.

The majority doesn’t have the right to silence the minority because what they’re saying is inconvenient.

It goes along with how up in arms people get when they’re called out for racism. No one likes being accused of bigotry, sure, but I feel that the objective in pointing out some things generally isn’t to say, “You’re a bad person,” but rather, “If you thought more about this issue, you could be a better person.” The whole point is that it likely ISN’T conscious on your part. I’ll admit it’s not something I always put a lot of thought into myself. I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought anything about the nominees all being white if I hadn’t seen other people complain. Since I have, however, I think it’s something to take into consideration, not something to have a knee-jerk “nah, it must be somebody else who’s wrong” reaction toward.

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