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Achieving Simmortality

I usually try to keep my Sims living as long as possible. I mean, I made the effort in creating them, after all. The Sims games all include ways to cheat death, although they’re not all equally effective. In the … Continue reading

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How Is Education Supposed to Make Me Feel Smarter?

As I’ve said before, the Oz books don’t say a whole lot on education in the fairyland. When the Wogglebug, who becomes educated by listening to the lectures at a country schoolhouse, is given the post of Public Educator by … Continue reading

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I Have Learned the Value of Human Sacrifice

Human sacrifice is a quite controversial subject, as a lot of the information we have on it was provided by enemy cultures that might have been trying to slander other groups. It kind of seemed to me that people who … Continue reading

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The Fish-Woman Who Got Away

I had enjoyed watching the Coney Island Mermaid Parade last year, and had been considering going again, but didn’t think to look up when it was. As it turns out, it was last weekend, and I missed it. Oh, well. … Continue reading

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They’ll Never Stop the Sims

I recently had a desire to play some Sims, but The Sims 3 was having problems. It took hours to load, and when it did it tended to crash after I only played it for a little while. I tried … Continue reading

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A Heaping Helping of Hoztory

Print-on-demand and online publishing have been a boon to Oz authors, and to people like me who always want to read more about my favorite fairyland. It kind of makes me feel ashamed that I don’t have a book out … Continue reading

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Fuller of Bull

Nostalgia is such a powerful and profitable force that old media are constantly being revisited, even if the original wasn’t really that good. Such seems to be the case with an update to Full House, a show from the nineties … Continue reading

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