Who Wants to Be a Welfare Queen?

This Tumblr post makes a great point about how upset people get about poor people possessing any sort of luxuries (or what they consider luxuries, anyway) at all. Because apparently if you don’t get your kid a PlayStation, you can save that money to buy a house or something. The cost of living is just so expensive that I think things like that kind of pale in comparison.

While a SmartPhone isn’t strictly necessary to survival, it’s something society kind of expects people to have. So that’s hardly a fair comparison. And Papa John is evil for making bland pizza.
The corollary here seems to be that the people who complain ARE allowed to have these things, even though they might not be the most financially prudent individuals themselves.

I don’t know. When you’re pretty much stuck in poverty, you might need entertaining distractions more than anyone else. There are so many complaints, however, about how poor people are just too lazy to work, and are living on other people’s money. There’s some truth to that, since the government programs that help the poor get their funding through taxes, but there are MUCH worse things supported by tax revenue. Even if someone IS just lazy and good at manipulating the system, is their being able to receive food and shelter such a terrible thing? It’s even worse when people making decent incomes talk about how they should just go on welfare because then you don’t have to do anything. Yeah, try living on the little you get that way and see how much you enjoy it.

And that’s IF you can even figure out the right way to go about filing for government assistance. We all know how much red tape and hassle there is in applying for anything with the government, yet somehow we expect people who are uneducated or mentally ill to do so? Not that all poor people fit into those categories, but there are many who do. And the Golden Rule comes into it as well, basically saying that we should help people in difficult situations because we’d like others to do the same for us. I get annoyed at the term “entitlements,” but I’m also not sure why we SHOULDN’T feel entitled to some basic things.

I’m not a communist, but I think “from each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities” is a pretty good rule of thumb. Are there really opportunities for everyone to use their abilities, though? What with automation, outsourcing, and the like, are there even enough jobs to go around? Even if there technically still are, you can certainly be turned down for jobs you might be good at for reasons unrelated to ability.

Donald Trump says he has plans to bring jobs back to the United States from other countries, but as usual he doesn’t explain how. Maybe he’s afraid someone will steal the idea if he goes into too much detail. Didn’t he also say something about wanting to bring back coal mining jobs? Those jobs are horrible! Wouldn’t it make more sense to help the out-of-work coal miners find jobs that don’t result in so much black lung? I do understand not wanting to lose ANY job, even a terrible one. I was thinking recently about how little servers at restaurants are paid, the excuse being that they can make up the extra in tips, which is pretty ridiculous as tips are theoretically voluntary. You’re supposed to tip more for better service, but even the terrible waiters need to eat, right? Ideally, they should get a different job, but that’s not at all easy. And really, I would think someone running for public office would come up with a better campaign promise than “I’ll fight to make sure you can keep your crappy job!” But then, hasn’t it been said that Trump would be richer if he had just invested the money he inherited and NOT played businessman?

He’s a living lesson on how some people SHOULD just rest on their laurels. Not that he’s hurting at all now, I’m sure. And that wouldn’t allow him to boss people around, which I think he might love even more than money. While some people might try to argue against it, it’s pretty obvious that how hard you work bears no direct correlation to how much money you make. I would imagine that most business executives work hard, inasmuch as their work is frustrating, time-consuming, and not something just anyone could do. But you could say the same thing about janitorial work. I have no idea how to fix the system, but I do think easing up on jealousy of those less well off than you might help at least a little.

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