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Close Encounters of the Fundamentalist Kind

You may have heard about Ark Encounter, the replica of Noah’s Ark that was built in Kentucky. This was the brainchild of Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and an Australian creationist, like Ray Comfort. So they believe the … Continue reading

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They’ll Need a Krang

I’ve been led to understand that the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie features appearances from several characters introduced in the 1987 cartoon series, including Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang. I’ll probably watch it at some point, but I can’t say … Continue reading

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It’s Slavery, But Not, Like, SLAVERY Slavery, You Know?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my wife used to force me to watch Fox News. Not because she liked it, but because she’s drawn to things that annoy her, and wants to share them with me. I get it, … Continue reading

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The Terrific Titles of Oz

Perhaps this is scraping the bottom of the barrel bird, but I’ve occasionally thought about the titles of the Oz books, and whether some of them could have had better ones. I’m sure it didn’t matter a whole lot after … Continue reading

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Honey in Your Ear

I’m not sure how it turned out that I’d be seeing so many concerts in a short period of time, but yesterday was the case/lang/veirs show at Prospect Park, only four days after Nellie McKay in Manhattan. I have tickets … Continue reading

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Something Strange in the Neighborhood

The new Ghostbusters movie was the subject of criticism long before it even came out, with some bottom-feeding Internet denizens being distraught over the idea that the new Ghostbusters were of the female persuasion. Some other complaints focused more on … Continue reading

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Listen to Her Play, Has Something to Say

I’ve liked Nellie McKay for several years now, and I think she might actually live fairly locally, but I’d only ever seen her live once, five and a half years ago. I noticed somewhere online that she was doing a … Continue reading

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