Honey in Your Ear

I’m not sure how it turned out that I’d be seeing so many concerts in a short period of time, but yesterday was the case/lang/veirs show at Prospect Park, only four days after Nellie McKay in Manhattan. I have tickets to see Cracker and the Dresden Dolls next month, and tomorrow is a Kevin McDonald show, although that’s not a concert. By the way, k.d. lang had a song with Nellie back on the latter’s second album. Yesterday’s show was outside on a really hot day, but it wasn’t all that bad in the bandshell itself. The walk there was another story. I noticed that both Neko Case and Laura Veirs were wearing T-shirts and jeans. It was an enjoyable show, with some amusing interactions between the three performers. Most of the songs they played were from their album, but they each did a few of their own as well. Neko’s “Margaret vs. Pauline,” “Man,” and “Hold On, Hold On” were all part of the set, as were lang’s “Constant Craving” and “Helpless.” Okay, that last one was a Neil Young cover, but I believe lang had a hit with it. On one song, lang played the banjo, which she referred to as a chick magnet. Before the song, Neko said something about her strapping on the banjo, and she said something like, “I’m good at strapping things on.” At another point, Veirs mentioned that her two-year-old would say “k.d wang,” and lang talked about how there was an Asian drag queen who went by that name. I understand the entire show was recorded for a livestream, but I don’t know if you can still watch it.

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