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Madness and Murder

Happy Halloween! It’s time for a run-down of movies we watched recently. Beth and I generally try to watch some horror films every October, but we’re running out of ones that she’s interested in, so most of these are only … Continue reading

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A Koopa Troopa’ll Make Ya Jump, Jump

This video is two years old now, and I first watched it more than a month ago, but I thought it was worth commenting on. As it mentions, jumping in video games is kind of bizarre, because how often do … Continue reading

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Mountains of Mystery

Even though John Dough and the Cherub clearly indicates that Hiland and Loland are on an island, called Hi-Lo by some and Lo-Hi by others, the map in the Tik-Tok of Oz endpapers shows them as part of the mainland, … Continue reading

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Don’t Morlocks Live in the Future?

The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells – Published in 1895, this was not the first time travel story, but definitely a pioneering work in the genre. The protagonist known simply as the Time Traveller uses a vehicle to travel to … Continue reading

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Getting Off the Tract

Holy Faceless God, Jack Chick died yesterday. Hey, isn’t that the day Bishop James Ussher claimed the world began in 4004 BC? I don’t know whether modern Young Earth Creationists still accept that date, but it still seems appropriate. You’ve … Continue reading

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Fostering Musical Talent

Doo-Dah!: Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture, by Ken Emerson – I believe Beth purchased this biography of the songwriter at a used bookstore in Portland, Oregon, some years ago. I decided to read it when my … Continue reading

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The Devil and Webster’s Dictionary

Apparently a whole lot of people love the Devil, and most of them are poorly spelled. Did no one bother to proofread this before someone used it at a rally? Or are badly written signs just a tradition? If they … Continue reading

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