We’re Up All Night to Get Loki

The Hammer of Thor, by Rick Riordan – By now, I guess it’s pretty much a given that I’m going to enjoy Riordan’s modern takes on classical mythology. This is the second book about Magnus Chase, son of Frey and resident of Valhalla after dying on the streets of Boston. A giant has stolen and hidden Thor‘s hammer Mjolnir, and has made a deal with Loki that involves the giant’s son marrying Loki’s daughter, the Valkyrie Samirah al-Abbas, so that the trickster god can obtain the sword he needs to free himself from his bonds. Magnus, Sam, and their companions, including a new gender-fluid Einherji named Alex who is also a child of Loki, are thrown into a multi-part quest in order to obtain the sword and thwart the plans of both villains. This includes a visit to the elf Hearthstone’s rich and unpleasant father in Alfheim, the capture of the dwarf Andvari, bowling at the palace of the deceptive Utgard-Loki, and finally crashing the wedding with the assistance of the Aesir. Part of the fun in these books is seeing how the traditional figures are characterized, often in a way that sticks with their old personalities while also adapting them to the modern world. Thor now uses his hammer to stream television shows, and Heimdall enjoys taking selfies with heroes. There are also occasionally references to myths that I hadn’t come across before. Speaking of Norse gods, I had considered dressing up as Odin for Halloween, but figured I wasn’t really going anywhere that anyone would notice the costume. Maybe some other time. I guess if I wanted to be Riordan’s version of Odin, I would need to have a PowerPoint presentation prepared.

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