Down in the Trumps

As easy as it is to mock Melania Trump, who recently said she’d stand up against cyber-bullying despite her husband being such a severe troll that he’s not even allowed to use his professional Twitter account anymore (I’m thinking he didn’t want the competition), I suppose I feel sorry for her. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be married to Trump, and you probably wouldn’t either. There’s the sense that she’s kind of a prisoner.

I remember seeing Megyn Kelly interview Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and Michelle seemed perpetually terrified, like if she ever varied from the script Jim would send a signal to his sniper to take her out. It’s not as bad with Melania, but there’s a similar sort of vibe.

I’ve heard of people getting mail-order brides so they can take advantage of their ignorance. That said, while Melania may be a trophy wife, she’s technically not a mail-order bride. And are people just assuming that a model, especially one with a wacky foreign accent, can’t be that bright? Maybe we’re underestimating how culpable she is. I mean, if it were just for the money, wouldn’t she get a good amount if she divorced him? But then, there are so many examples of women staying with men who are misogynistic and/or abusive and not making any effort to get out. Sometimes it’s because of a lack of resources, but I really don’t think that’s why Rihanna went back to Chris Brown. (Yeah, I know that’s an old reference, but I’m still not over it, and I’m not even a fan of Rihanna.) I’m sure there are a variety of other reasons why this happens, ranging from just being afraid to get out of a familiar situation to actually agreeing that wives should be submissive to their husbands. I don’t know what’s going on with Melania, but does she really think a guy who cheated on his last two wives and brags about sexual molestation is a good prospect, money or no money?

Speaking of Trump’s family, some gossip about Donald Trump Jr. recently came to light. Apparently he was a sad, mean drunk in college, and his dad slapped him across the face once. While it’s hearsay, it seems pretty believable.

So why is a guy who allegedly hated his father supporting his bid for president? And what about Ivanka, who’s supposedly smart and friends with Chelsea Clinton?

She’s not only campaigning for her dad, but she also dragged her husband into it. You’d think that, if anyone knew how unfit Trump was to lead the free world, it would be his own family. Then again, they probably also know that he’s the kind of person who’d likely write them out of his will if they DIDN’T support him. Still, it just seems like too many people are willing to stand by their families even when they’re terrible. Or are Trump’s family’s speech plagiarism and idiotic comments about poisoned Skittles and such covert attempts to take down their dad’s campaign?

I think it’s more likely that they’re just behaving like they’re used to, which means they’re horrible human beings, but it might not be ENTIRELY their own fault.

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