Male Call

This is something that I saw on Election Day. Apparently the guy who posted it is a bigot with a radio show. One of the replies suggested it was something like the comment about taco trucks on every corner, in that it’s difficult to see how that’s a bad thing. But traditional gender roles seem to be a major sticking point for Trump supporters.

I mean, there was a Trump fan on Twitter who replied to a post of mine about the Trump tapes arguing that all they meant was that he’s straight, and went on to question whether my balls had been cut off. Stupid individuals like these might not be a problem in and of themselves, but I think they’re part of a larger trend. Men are tough, women are to be groped, and anyone who disagrees is a pussy-whipped wuss. All the threats Trump and his followers have made also seem to be part of this hyper-masculinity, and the attempted intimidation of people who don’t buy into it. Getting back to Twitter, someone I follow made a comment questioning whether any part of traditional masculinity was beneficial for men. It really doesn’t sound like it, because who wants to be stoic and tough all the time? But I guess it comes down to power, even though a lot of the people defending the idea likely aren’t any more powerful than I am. There’s a definite sense of insecurity involved as well. Trump himself is so insecure that, when Marco Rubio implied he had a small penis, he insisted he had “no problem there” instead of asking what the hell that had to do with being a successful president.

Obsession with penis size is pretty bizarre unless you’re trying to be a porn star. Except Trump actually WAS in porn, wasn’t he? And I think his pal Vladimir Putin wants to be.

Getting back to the guy with “freedom” in his Twitter handle who apparently doesn’t think that applies to gender identity, where did he come up with sixty-three genders? This has actually been proposed, although some of the lists say there are probably others as well. I haven’t studied the subject enough to know whether there’s any scientific basis to this, but I’m not going to question anyone who identifies as an atypical gender either.

I think it’s a concept that’s difficult for cissexual people like me to understand. I grew up thinking that “gender” was essentially just a synonym for “sex,” as in “male or female.” Not that there were ever just the two even when I was a kid, but now gender is viewed as a different concept from sex, albeit a related one. I have no problem whatsoever with there being more than the two, but I do wonder how you know. I guess I figured that what made someone male, female, or otherwise WAS the hardware. That can affect personality as well, but it shouldn’t affect how people treat you. If gender identity is more about how a person feels than what genitals they have, isn’t that kind of buying into the concept of rigid gender roles, just with a lot more genders in play? Is identifying as a feminine man because you have some traditionally feminine traits tacitly accepting that traits should be gender-labeled at all? I hasten to point out that I’m not knocking gender identity, just expressing what parts of the concept currently confuse me. I’m totally down with using whichever restroom fits your identity, but I also don’t put a whole lot of stock in gender-specific restrooms at all. I personally would feel awkward using a women’s room, but there might well come a time when that’s a thing of the past. That said, I get that there’s a lot of tension to work out before we can get to that. It’s like when people insist they don’t see skin color, which might be fine if it weren’t for the long history of racism in our culture. One of the main reason racial identity is so important is that white Europeans invented it in the first place, and still frequently buy into it. Race and gender are both fluid, but until the majority accepts that, supporting the minorities is important even if you don’t necessarily agree with their definitions.

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