Putting the Crap Back in Christmas

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas – We knew this movie would be bad, and it totally lived up to our expectations. Beth, who will intentionally watch terrible things, has a weird fascination with Kirk Cameron, obnoxiously smug teen heartthrob turned obnoxiously smug fundamentalist evangelist. This 2014 film, which somehow actually got a theatrical release, is his attempt to defend the trappings of Christmas not from secularists, but from other hard-nosed Christians who think it should be all about Jesus. We found it on YouTube, but it’ll probably be taken down soon. There’s a really loose plot involving Kirk’s character’s brother-in-law, not-so-subtly named Christian, who’s miserable at his wife’s Christmas party. Considering the company he has there, I can’t say I blame him. While sitting in a car in the driveway, Christian talks about how he doesn’t like all the pagan and commercial trappings taking the focus of Christmas away from Jesus. Kirk then says he’s totally wrong, and explains to Christian how Christmas trees represent the Tree of Life and the cross, the original St. Nicholas was a staunch defender of the faith, and materialism is okay because God took material form. Apparently he still hasn’t grasped that a word can have two related but different meanings. Also, he mentions St. Nick smacking a guy in a theological dispute, which to Cameron makes him a bad-ass. Would you really want your kids sitting in the lap of a guy with that kind of temper, though? I’m not sure why “they’re not about Jesus, but that doesn’t make them AGAINST Jesus” isn’t a good enough argument, but what do I know? If C.S. Lewis could have his Jesus-lion hang out with Bacchus, I don’t see what’s so terrible about pagan elements being incorporated into Christian holidays. Or, for that matter, “It’s once a year and your wife likes it, so deal with it,” not that I’d want to take that advice. Regardless, Christian totally accepts Kirk’s ideas and becomes excited about Christmas, because that’s the world of unimaginative evangelism for you. People WANT to believe what you do, but they have to have it explained the right way. Also, his convincing this one guy counts as saving Christmas? And I thought saying Santa Claus conquered the Martians was too much hype! Not only do the bits about trees and Santa Claus totally stop the tiny semblance of plot dead in its tracks, but there’s a lot of other padding as well. There’s one character, played by the only black actor in the movie, who spouts a bunch of conspiracy theories, but nothing ever comes of this. After Christian comes around, there’s an interminably long sequence of everybody dancing to an irritating version of “Angels We Have Heard on High,” then a blooper reel and some terrible freestyle rap. Did they have to bring it up to a certain length to make it commercially viable? There’s a lot about this I don’t really understand. I do appreciate that there’s an IMDB thread telling Christians it’s okay not to like this movie.

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