The Odd Quartet

Hail, Caesar! – I’m actually not sure what the point of this movie was supposed to be. It’s basically a collection of semi-related vignettes about a Hollywood studio, all of which are resolved pretty quickly. Is there a message other than that the movie industry is crazy? That said, it was funny and had some good performances, so it was still worth watching.

Into the WoodsI watched the filmed stage version of this a few years ago, and while it was interesting to see some famous actors in the roles, I think I liked that one better overall. I indicated before that I found the second act slow, so I guess it makes sense that the film version speeds it up considerably, but it also cut out the parts I did remember. The idea of sacrificing the narrator to the giantess, indicating that the characters no longer had a script to follow, was really clever. It’s not in the movie version at all, and in fact that narration in the first act is provided by the Baker. They also glossed over how the princes prefer the pursuit of women to actually having them; there was some of that with Cinderella’s Prince, but the song where they’re planning on going after Snow White and Sleeping Beauty instead was cut. While the budget was obviously higher than for the stage show, it was still pretty low for a movie produced by a major studio.

We got an actual cow this time, but the wolf’s costume is still weird.

The Odd Couple – I never really watched the television show, but Beth was a fan of it, particularly of Tony Randall as Felix Unger. The movie, based on the original stage play by Neil Simon, stars Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, the latter of whom had previously played the role on Broadway. I’m sure you already know the premise, and it’s pretty funny, a lot of the humor being quip-based. One odd bit of trivia from my life is that my English teacher in my junior year of high school didn’t care for Simon, but I never knew why.

The Warriors – Our friend Tavie had been wanting us to watch this, presumably because of Beth’s fondness for just about anything with old, gritty New York City. The 1979 film is about a gang from Coney Island attending a meeting in the Bronx and being framed for shooting the speaker. They then have to get back home, which means crossing the territories of several other gangs, often with somewhat bizarre themes. What’s interesting is that The Simpsons did a rather direct parody of this movie a few years back with the episode “The Winter of His Content.” At the time, I didn’t know what it was spoofing, although it was pretty obvious there was a spoof involved. In order to further the reference, Springfield had a functioning subway system, when it was defunct in “Postcards from the Wedge.” A wizard must have done it.

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2 Responses to The Odd Quartet

  1. jaredofmo says:

    I just saw Hail Caesar as a tribute to the big studio days of yesteryear. When I watched it with my dad, he kept remarking on similar stories about classic movie stars. Admittedly, a lot of my own knowledge of the big studio system came from what I read about MGM while reading up on that one movie they made…

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