Behold the Coagula

Get Out – I’d heard good things about this movie, but really knew nothing about it other than that it was a horror film (or at least horror-adjacent) and that it dealt with racism. I can’t say I know much about Key and Peele, either. Beth and I finally watched this last night, and I found it effective. There are definitely going to be some significant SPOILERS in here, so proceed with caution.

After an opening scene of a black man being abducted in an affluent suburb, we shift to a white girl named Rose taking her black boyfriend Chris home to meet her family. They turn out to be the sort of people who try to overcompensate for racism by obsessing over how cool black people are. Not only is this uncomfortable for Chris, but he also suspects something sinister is going on when he discovers that the only other black people are cheerfully subservient in an almost robotic way, and engage in many unusual behaviors as well.

It turns out that, through a combination of hypnosis and brain surgery, the family is transplanting the minds of white people into black bodies. The captives’ original minds remain, but in a dormant state. Chris’s girlfriend turns out to be in on it too, luring people in to serve as vessels. The triggered hypnosis and surgery complete with spooky music are a bit corny in their execution, but the mood is tense enough that they work anyway.

It’s a ridiculous and often comical scenario that’s also rather uncomfortable, calling out the hypocrisy of what I suppose could be called admiring racism. The family and their clients seem to believe that black people are superior in many ways, not really acknowledging how that’s also racist, especially when they have no problem with removing their agency entirely. The grandfather, who started the transplant project, is said early on to have lost to Jesse Owens in the qualifying trials for the Berlin Olympics. He’s since implanted his consciousness into a physically fit black man, and constantly admires his new body’s speed and strength. I had to wonder if there was something to the girlfriend tying back her hair as soon as she revealed herself to be evil. Maybe I’m reading too many into it, but it seemed weirdly symbolic to me, as if she’s demonstrating that she’s no longer the fun-loving girl with her hair down but a serious threat.

Stephen Root makes an appearance as a blind art dealer who wants to take over Chris’s body. I guess somebody must have liked his performance as a blind guy in O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Chris eventually does escape with help from his friend Rod, a conspiracy-minded TSA agent who actually figures out most of what’s going on, but obviously nobody believes him. The implication is that, while Chris might be safe, it’s unlikely anything will be done about the body-stealing organization. The music was also quite interesting. Two of the three songs mentioned in the credits feature running (the other is “The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, which Rose listens to while searching online for NCAA prospects to seduce), and the Swahili lyrics to the main theme roughly translate as, “Listen to your ancestors, run!” I think there might be some sort of theme going on there.

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11 Responses to Behold the Coagula

  1. David Webb says:

    “Listen to your ancestors, run!”

    In all fairness, White folks have been telling Blacks to get out of their country for a very, very long time. Brother Malcom even wanted to take a few back to Africa and resettled where God put them in the first place, but Dr. King convinced everyone to be just as stubborn as he was and they’ve been suffering his fate (for the most part) every since!

    • Patrick Lyons says:

      There is no such thing as White folk!.They are Pinkish which is a Shade of Red!,
      As for America being their Country, Lets ask the Original Native Peoples how they feel about that,Well whats left of them, after the GENOCIDE which those Pinkish Red Europeans committed upon them.

      • Nathan says:

        Yeah, it makes absolutely no sense to talk about where God put people and then both defend the European conquest of America AND act as if black people came here by choice. I must not have paid much attention to the comment you’re replying to, because it’s total nonsense.

    • Nathan says:

      By that logic, shouldn’t the white Americans go back to Europe?

    • Saami says:

      Cammon’ man you ain’t being real. American didn’t belong to white people and if you are believing in his-story then you need to wake up!

      • Nathan says:

        Yeah, there are a lot of countries where explorers basically stole from the natives, and here in America it’s part of relatively recent history.

  2. Pamberone says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but using the pronoun ‘it’ when describing the grandfather’s admiration for the person’s he transplated into physical fitness, seems a bit racist. Especially considering part of that black man’s consciousness is still present in his own body.

    • Pamberone says:

      &I write these thoughts as the daughter of a ‘white,’ father from the midwest with Welch &German decent, & of a ‘black’ mother from the South with African (who knows where from on that continent, it’s a product of rape anyway), Blackfoot Native American and Irish descent. (Not proof read)
      My ‘scientific’ explanation of the races of the world:
      All cats have lighter colored eyes bc of thier light sensitivity due to the fact that they are genetically designed to function, hunt, survive mostly in the dark. The people of the world have developed skin hues, eye shape &eye colir most suited for thier natural enviroment. I.e. darker skin &eyes suited for more sun exposure. (Tanget) we are all humans, with the 1st key root word being hue, which means color. Therefore, it is not too far fetched to come to following conclusions, based on modern language & scientific facts; white is the absences of color, ttherefore ‘white’ people cannot be human. All historically, terrestrial dwelling humans of this earth have significant pigment of skin & eyes consistent with their native land (historically, outside of directly mixed races). ‘White’ people have skin&eyes not suited to any terrestrial dwelling, save the extreme areas of this planet that have months of darknes. Which begs the question, what do they do during the period months of light in these extreme terrains? My guess would be that they retreat into caves or subterranean dwelling. Which would make it likely that ‘white’ people are the original, sole, direct descendants of cave people. Though some scientist believe ‘modern’ humans and cavemen/Neanderthals were too genetically different to mix and procreate, there is no direct evidence of that. I think it is more likely that as they ventured out of thier caves, the rare, semi-intellgent among them saw how they suffered in the light and the others they encontered thrived, from furred animals to humans. They then began mimicing what they saw as successful, (usually with their barbaric way violence & slaughter), even to the point of procreating with humans, valuing most those offspring that look more like them, with the genetic benefits of the successful human inha,bitants of the earth. Interestingly enough, those values continue today in ‘white people in America especially. The more ‘white you look, while not being easily sunburned, slightly tanned with eye color different than the common brown, the more societally desirable you are.
      I write these thoughts as the daughter of a ‘white,’ father from the midwest with Welch &German decent, & of a ‘black’ mother from the South with African (who knows where from on that continent, it’s a product of rape anyway), Blackfoot Native American & Irish decent.

    • Nathan says:

      That makes sense. I think I might have been using “it” to refer simply to the body without consciousness, but it was unclear, so I edited it.

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