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Warrior Women at Work

The Dark Prophecy, by Rick Riordan – The follow-up to The Hidden Oracle continues the adventures of Apollo in a mortal body, with only occasional access to his godly powers when he least expects them. The previous volume established the … Continue reading

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Sitting in the Corneria

Video games nowadays tend to flesh out their characters and worlds a lot more than they did back in my youth. Still, there was some definite appeal to trying to piece together what little background the early games did give … Continue reading

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Freelancing Isn’t Free

This thread on Twitter says a lot of what I’ve been thinking in terms of the gig economy. I don’t have a lot to add, but when has that stopped me before? I’ve seen a few links to this podcast … Continue reading

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Bleed for the Mead

One Norse myth I can’t recall coming across before reading Neil Gaiman’s retelling was about the god Kvasir and the origin of poetry. Since poets were the ones telling these tales in the first place, it makes sense that they’d … Continue reading

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Oh No, Way to Go, He’s the Mayor

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Beth and I both used to play Animal Crossing for the GameCube quite a bit back in the day, but I hadn’t checked out any of the newer iterations. After seeing quite a bit about … Continue reading

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Shock and Awfulness

These days, it seems like people are always outraged about something. Well, I say “these days,” but I’m sure it’s pretty much a constant. Still, the rabble had just gotten over Kathy Griffin holding Donald Trump’s disembodied head before we … Continue reading

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Myths and Misattributions

Tales of the Peculiar, by Ransom Riggs – A tie-in to the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series that’s actually mentioned in those books, this is presented as a series of old fairy tales. There aren’t any photographs in this volume, … Continue reading

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