A Fiennes Dining Establishment

The Menu – I saw this at the theater on Thanksgiving with Beth and her Uncle John, and I guess it was kind of appropriate, being food-related and all. I’ve seen it described as a horror comedy, which works in that a lot of horrific things happen, but they mostly happen to bad people, and there’s some uncomfortable humor involved. The plot has a group of eleven who have been invited to a special meal at a fancy restaurant on an island, run by the famous chef Julian Slowik, played by Ralph Fiennes. The guests soon realize there’s something creepy going on. I liked it pretty well, although I felt like it was going for some kind of social commentary that didn’t entirely work. There’s more I have to say, but it has some pretty major SPOILERS. It reminded me a bit of Saw, in that there was a pretentious guy who felt entitled to be the arbiter of morality and torture people accordingly in creative ways. One difference is that he acknowledges at least some of his own failings, and he’s willing to sacrifice himself and his staff along with the guests. He’s fairly arbitrary in what he’s punishing people for. You can see why he wants to get revenge on the critic who’s responsible for restaurants closing and the couple who have eaten there several times and don’t remember any of the food. He’s going too far, obviously, but there’s a weird logic to it. On the other hand, he wants to kill John Leguizamo’s character just because he was in a terrible movie (which, surprisingly, was not the Super Mario Bros. movie). Slowik reveals pretty early on that he’s planning on killing everybody, but hardly anyone takes it seriously at first. It also takes a while for the audience to find out who these people are and why they’re there. Anya-Taylor Joy’s character, an escort one of the guests brings along after his wife leaves him, is basically the straight woman, and is the first one to realize how unsettling the whole thing is. She’s also the only one who survives, even though Slowik had originally intended for her to die as well. I understand Taylor-Joy is also going to be in a Mario movie.

It doesn’t really make sense to say someone that skinny isn’t going to be a food enthusiast, but I did think of it.
He says at one point that the diners could probably have overpowered him and escaped if they’d really tried, but since they at first think it’s all an act and then figure their best chance of surviving is to play along, I can see why they didn’t. It’s poking fun at shallow rich people, but I don’t know that I can blame them too much for their reactions to the situation.

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