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Who Wants to Be a Demon Slayer?

Game of Stars, by Sayantani DasGupta – The sequel to The Serpent’s Secret takes place in the same bizarre world of Bengali folklore. Due to the influence of the Rakkhosh Queen, Kiran finds herself participating in a wildly popular game … Continue reading

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Planting Sheep

Seeing a mention of the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary in this Wired article made me realize I’d never addressed this myth on my blog, and while I probably won’t be adding anything new to the existing information, it’s something that’s … Continue reading

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Homunculus Is By Your Side

One term I’ve come across in several places but haven’t been entirely sure what it means is “homunculus.” So I looked it up on Wikipedia, everyone’s favorite source for information that is probably at least partially true, and the indication … Continue reading

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Every Philosopher Must Get Stoned

While doing research on human immortality, it’s not too surprising that I came across the Wikipedia article on the Philosopher’s Stone. Granting immortality was actually not the primary function of the Stone. Rather, it was said to be able to … Continue reading

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