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War and Pixels

I saw a link to this article on Tumblr, and it addresses a topic I’ve thought about for years. It’s not that I necessarily dislike fighting in video games. Sometimes it can be cathartic. It’s just that so many games … Continue reading

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Misogyny Without Mysticism

This BuzzFeed article addresses something I’d been wondering about recently, which is misogynistic atheists. While a logically possible position, it just seems weird in light of the fact that the major group that’s historically been discriminated against by the major … Continue reading

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When Women Fight, Only Men Benefit

Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution, by Mona Eltahawy – I first heard of Mona when she appeared on Bill Maher several years ago, and I found her quite charismatic. I have to wonder if … Continue reading

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Holy Hatred

I guess I’m a little late in talking about the GoFundMe campaign for the anti-gay pizza parlor in Indiana, but I was thinking this morning about how that might piss me off even more than the owners’ homophobia. It’s like … Continue reading

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Matriarchy on My Mind

It seems to me like, ever since Men’s Rights Activists were revealed to be an actual thing, I’ve seen frequent accusations of people being MRAs. The way I see it, you can be misogynistic without being an MRA. That particular … Continue reading

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Define and Conquer

I’ve been thinking a bit about people not wanting to call themselves feminists because they don’t really know what the term means nowadays, as Bill Maher more or less put it. The thing is, I have to wonder if that’s … Continue reading

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Military Maids

Oz is known for not having much in the way of a military. In Ozma of Oz, Ozma journeys to the Nome Kingdom with an army made up of twenty-seven officers and one private, then promotes the private to Captain-General … Continue reading

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