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Zugzwang Got Me in a Way

Dragon Quest V is sort of a sequel to Dragon Quest IV, which sounds painfully obvious, but really isn’t. The numbers simply refer to release order, not the order in which the games take place; and many of them aren’t … Continue reading

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Guess You’ll Never Grow a Clue

Clue – We saw this 1985 film at the Alamo Draft House on Tuesday. I don’t think I’d previously seen it all the way through, but I do remember seeing most of it. It had been a box office flop, … Continue reading

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Gaming the System

I already wrote a post about sports and games in the Oz series, but I had a few more ideas along those lines that I thought I could develop somewhat. Characters in the books are frequently seen playing games, and … Continue reading

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House and Hotel Rules

Monopoly is a game that it sometimes seems hardly anyone plays by the official rules, except in tournaments. I remember trying to play it in school and some kids arguing that you had to move all the way around the … Continue reading

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How Fast Those Queens Can Run!

Birth of the Chess Queen: A History, by Marilyn Yalom – The author links the development of the queen in the game of chess to events and personages in history. In the earliest Indian and Arabian sets, the piece next … Continue reading

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The Rail Thing

I visited my dad in New Mexico this past week, and he and my brother introduced me to a game called Ticket to Ride, created by Alan R. Moon and published in 2004 by Days of Wonder. According to Wikipedia, … Continue reading

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On Board with Video Games

As I mentioned in my last post, there is a board game of Jungle Hunt, and that’s hardly the only popular video game to undergo the transition. Indeed, back in the 1980s, these games apparently sold well enough for game … Continue reading

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