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Gaming the System

I already wrote a post about sports and games in the Oz series, but I had a few more ideas along those lines that I thought I could develop somewhat. Characters in the books are frequently seen playing games, and … Continue reading

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How Fast Those Queens Can Run!

Birth of the Chess Queen: A History, by Marilyn Yalom – The author links the development of the queen in the game of chess to events and personages in history. In the earliest Indian and Arabian sets, the piece next … Continue reading

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Fight It Out!

My post last week about wandering monsters in video role-playing games got me thinking about some of the strange aspects of battle mode in general. When you run into monsters, the screen tends to fade out and send you into … Continue reading

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The Carrollian Queens

One tendency I’ve noticed is for people to confuse the Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with the Red Queen from Through the Looking-Glass. This was the case in Tim Burton’s film; and while I haven’t played it, … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Business But the Turk’s

It’s been a while since I did a post on a game (of the non-video variety, anyway), but I recently thought of something fascinating I read as a kid, namely the story of a chess-playing automaton. Built in 1770 by … Continue reading

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A Geographic Wonderland

I’ve always liked maps of imaginary lands. They satisfy both my love of maps in general and my fondness for verisimilitude in fantasy. So it’s kind of a shame that two of my favorite books that don’t have “Oz” in … Continue reading

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Something to Get Off My Chess

It was almost certainly Through the Looking-Glass, which used a game of chess as its background, that got me interested in the game. I soon found, however, that actually playing the game could get a bit tedious. So I know … Continue reading

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