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¿Donde Estan Mis Hijos?

La Llorona, most literally “The Crier,” but more often translated as the Weeping or Wailing Woman, is one of the most famous Mexican ghosts, but as with most folklore, there are several different versions of her story. What’s consistent is … Continue reading

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Earth to Erdrick

I’ve mentioned before how the world of Dragon Quest III is modeled on our own Earth, although there are some strange differences. One of them is the lost continent of Aliahan, although that presumably refers to legends of Atlantis and … Continue reading

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Hope Is the Snake with Feathers

While it’s a little difficult to tell for sure, as Google sometimes refuses to turn up posts that I know I made and the LiveJournal search function is worthless, I don’t think I’ve ever actually devoted a post to Quetzalcoatl … Continue reading

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Pocahontas Poked Him in the Nose

Pocahontas – While it was originally predicted that this picture would be a bigger success than The Lion King, such was obviously not the case. I think it was kind of a mistake for Disney to try to make an … Continue reading

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It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Sacrificed

Hey, isn’t there some kind of big sporting event tomorrow/today? Seriously, I find that Superbowl time is a good opportunity to go out, since there aren’t any crowds. This year, though, I’m working at the time. I wonder if the … Continue reading

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We’d Always Have Walking Bird on Thanksgiving, with All the Trimmings

Ah, Thanksgiving. Perhaps the lamest of the holidays that we commonly celebrate here in the United States. As I mentioned last year, it’s basically a harvest festival, but the specifically American story of the First Thanksgiving involves dissenters from the … Continue reading

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