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Krishnamurti’s Corner

What might be termed the American alternative religious movement has long expressed an interest in Indian religion, probably because of how exotic it seems to us. It’s really kind of offensive when you stop to think about it, but damned … Continue reading

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The Not-So-Merry Miller

I could be wrong, but I seem to remember seeing someone mention that the Jehovah’s Witnesses originally thought the world would end in 1844. Actually, the organization that would become the Watchtower didn’t exist until the 1870s, so that’s obviously … Continue reading

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We’re All Crazy Mennonites

In my quest to examine different religious movements, I now come to the Mennonites, who are actually a branch of the Anabaptists. The Anabaptists tended to be hated by both Catholics and Protestant reformers because of their unorthodox views. The … Continue reading

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Creepy Crowley

I can’t tell you how many interviews I saw with Keith Olbermann back when he did the Worst Person in the World segment where he felt the need to point out that these people weren’t REALLY the worst in the … Continue reading

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Off the Marx

You know, I’m not a communist, but I have to admit the idea has a fair amount of appeal. Too bad it hasn’t worked, but then, it’s not like the form of capitalism we have in this country is really … Continue reading

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Angling Toward Anglicanism

We’ve been looking in previous weeks about how Protestantism took hold in various European nations, but I think England might be the only case where it was instituted by a king, and for personal reasons at that. The monarch in … Continue reading

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Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knox

In the past few weeks, I’ve looked at some of the major Protestant reformers on the European continent, but the British Isles remain to be addressed. The story of how King Henry VIII split with the Catholic Church for personal … Continue reading

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