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Make American Carnage Again

There’s still a part of me that can’t believe Donald Trump is actually President of the United States. The guy is basically a Saturday morning cartoon villain, and not even one of the wisecracking ones. Actually, I was thinking about … Continue reading

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Fullheal the World

I think I’ve played enough of the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past to get the gist of it, so here’s a preliminary review. I played the PlayStation release of this (called Dragon Warrior VII) … Continue reading

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A Show of Patrioztism

I’ve written before on the possible origins of the word “Oz.” It’s kind of a difficult name in the age of online search engines, as you’re likely to get stuff about Australia or ounces, and that’s if it’s limited to … Continue reading

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Counting Kallikantzaroi

I found the subject of this post a few months ago while looking for information on fairy lore from the Caucasus (I’m hoping to use it in a story I’m writing, but that could be a long way down the … Continue reading

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The Devil and Webster’s Dictionary

Apparently a whole lot of people love the Devil, and most of them are poorly spelled. Did no one bother to proofread this before someone used it at a rally? Or are badly written signs just a tradition? If they … Continue reading

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Harum Scarab

The ancient Egyptians seemed to have a god for every kind of animal with which they were familiar, some of which were quite prominent and others more obscure. The scarab beetle was a common symbol in Egypt, used for many … Continue reading

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Fantastic Function Follows Form

Hugh Pendexter III’s article on magic in Ruth Plumly Thompson’s Oz books, which was printed in the Autumn 1978 Baum Bugle, notes, “It seems wise to distinguish between magical technology, in which magic tools and devices imitate the advances of … Continue reading

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