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New Lamps for Old

For an anniversary present, Beth bought us tickets to see Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway, and Tavie (a Disney and Broadway aficionado) went with us as well. The main attraction at the show is James Monroe Iglehart as the Genie; he … Continue reading

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Shanice Williams Beats the Wiz

The Wiz Live! – The latest of NBC’s live stage productions was also the first one I’ve seen. I hadn’t seen The Wiz on stage before, but I did watch the rather bizarre movie version, see a review of the … Continue reading

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It’s Time for This Here Wiz to Wiz on Himself

I heard from another Oz fan that there was a free review of music and dance from The Wiz in Central Park on Wednesday. I’m not really that familiar with The Wiz, but hey, it was free and Oz-related. I … Continue reading

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Kids in the Town Hall

Beth and I saw the Kids in the Hall at Town Hall in Manhattan tonight, and Bruce McCulloch do a reading from his new book at the UCB Theatre last night. The weird thing is that I hadn’t even heard … Continue reading

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Happy Hippie Me Today

A few days ago, we watched the movie version of Hair, based on the hippie musical with good music and practically no plot. In fact, what plot WAS there was pretty much a downer, as Claude ended up having to … Continue reading

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Hey Everybody, It’s Bob and David!

I didn’t watch Mr. Show when it was first broadcast in the nineties, partially because I didn’t have cable and partially because I didn’t know what it was. Beth was a fan of it, though, and introduced me to the … Continue reading

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